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you're tragic and beautiful

so let me fall with you, i'll never let you go

[ we're the only two people left alive ] ☥
9 September
"There's no such thing as perfect writing, just like there's no such thing as perfect despair."
— Haruki Murakami (Hear the Wind Sing)


Maia makes her home along the East Coast, in a neighborhood that allows her to have a little taste of home every once in a while. She divides her time between drawing, writing, photography, her friends who are just as awesome as she is, and her family.

You will find she writes for any given fandom and does not stick to just one OTP. The same goes for her art, though she is more selective about posting artworks than she is with her writing. She hates writing bios because her snark meter is beyond repair and has often been told that she comes across as intimidating and/or scary, take your pick. In truth, she's a normal human being. After some cups of coffee.

She sometimes takes requests and loves prompts, especially well-thought ones. Please feel free to challenge her. She may be slow in writing, but she does not forget any requests.


As a warning, this journal houses a lot of fiction and artwork that are either bordering on graphic themes or actually dabble in very graphic themes. Tread very carefully, and if you are a parent, please ensure that your children are not accessing this journal.

If the themes of homosexuality, graphic sex, substance abuse and violence disturb you, then please do not go any further. However, while I do write and illustrate about substance abuse, self-infliction or violence against others, I do not encourage this in real life.

I do not own the characters borrowed from the different fandoms that I write for, nor do I own rights to the songs or poetry used as references in some of the written works and artworks posted.

All fiction written here and all of the artworks posted here are mine. Please do not steal.

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